Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Granite quarrying for beginners

'I must say it's a very well organised quarry,' said Annie.

'It is indeed!' replied Cyril.

'The way they've stacked all the stones one on top of each other,' continued Annie, 'it makes it SOOOOOOO much easier to choose which one you want.'

'True, true,' replied Cyril, '.....try to keep your voice down.'

'Why?' asked Annie.

'It's late,' replied Cyril, 'the quarry pixies will be trying to sleep.'

'I hadn't thought of that!' whispered Annie, 'It makes you wonder why they have late night opening if that's the case.'

'I suppose they need the business?' replied Cyril.

'The cut and thrust world of granite quarrying has to be seen to be believed!' observed Annie.

'True again!' said Cyril

'And I find the dress code rather odd,' replied Annie.

'Took me by surprise,' agreed Cyril.

'I have to say I hardly knew it was you in that bowler hat, tie and fake comedy moustache,' replied Annie.

'Really?' said Cyril.

'Odd they didn't ask me to wear anything though?'

'Perhaps your wonky horns make you exempt?' suggested Cyril.

'I suppose they must do!' exclaimed Annie.

So Annie looked for what she needed and Cyril, for such a large bovine, kept a surprisingly low profile.

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Gina said...

Granite Quarry Pixies....love it :D XXX