Friday, 27 July 2012

Knitting made easy

'I said 4 small holes!' mooed Bertha.

'That is what I'm trying to do!' replied Horace.

'And they need to be square.'

'That's what I was aiming for!'

'Perhaps,' continued Bertha, 'but you'll have to unpick it.'

'Again?' said Horace desperately.

'Again!' replied Bertha. 'It's got to be right.'

'But I can't get it right!' pleaded Horace.

'Rubbish!' replied Bertha. 'It's just a question of practise.'

'But it's the ninth time!' sobbed Horace.

'So?' asked Bertha. 'Besides, it's character building.'

'I already have a character!' replied Horace.

'Which I am aware of, which is why I'm going easy on you,' said Bertha.

'Going easy on me?????' 

'Norma asked me to,' replied Bertha. 'But it has to be right, Annie's life may depend upon it.'

'Could I have a break first?'

'One more try.'

'But I can't!'

'No such word!' explained Bertha. 'Now get on with it!'

Horace put down the needles and slowly started to unpick the knitting.

'Well done!' said Bertha as she moved off. 'I'll make a knitter out of you yet!'

'But I'm not a knitter!' cried Horace. 'I'M A POET!'

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Gina said...

Aaw poor Horace...come on Horace, I'm a poet..and I can knit...I have faith in you(probably very misplaced lol) :D XXX