Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Moving towards a thunk

'Now Annie says she only needs one but I think we should have a back up?'

'Agreed,' replied Bertha, 'there's little enough margin for error as it is!'

'It'll mean a lot more work though,' added Norma.

'And it might be tricky to source such a large quantity of needles,' replied Bertha.

'That's where Cyril comes in,' panted Norma.

'Thought it would be!' replied Bertha, 'and I suppose it'll be best not to ask where he'll get them from?'

'In this instance I wasn't going to,' said Norma.

'And the knitting rota?'

'Already drawn up,' replied Norma, 'but we'll need all hooves on deck to get it completed.'

'And does Annie want it to rotate clockwise or counter clockwise?'

'She says it's not important as long as the wind speed is below 10mph,' replied Norma, 'it's the vertical drop speed that's important.'

Bertha slowed and came to a halt.

'You know it's an awful risk for her to take!'

Norma stopped and looked back at her.

'I know,' she replied, 'and I suspect even Annie is aware of that but she says that it's got to be this way to get such an important think to come out into the open.'

Bertha took a deep breath.

'Well, I salute her,' she said, 'she's one very brave bovine!'

And with that Norma and Bertha jogged on.


Armenoi said...

I'm all AGOG (no needles needed)!

Gina said...

still intrigued as to what Annie is planning...and I have lots of knitting needles if they need them :D XXX