Monday, 16 July 2012

Of ice creams and pirates

'And of course the best thing about them is that they're not covered by any major employment laws.'

'Really?' mooed Annie, 'I never realised that fish could be so interesting! Thanks for the ice creams by the way,' she added.

'Pleasure!' replied Cyril, 'I don't know where the little man has got to with the others? He should have been here by now!'

'I always think that an ice cream isn't a proper ice cream unless you eat a dozen of them at a time.' remarked Annie.

Depends,' replied Cyril, 'I suppose if you were in a hurry and didn't have much time to spare then a dozen might suffice.'

'Norma says too much ice cream is bad for you.'

'I suspect Norma's information is faulty,' replied Cyril, 'it often is.'

'But she's very kind,' added Annie.

'Mmmmm,' said Cyril.

'So shall we start looking for Queen Phoebe's legs?'

'Crown,' corrected Cyril.

'Whatever!' replied Annie.

'No rush,' said Cyril.

'It must be very rewarding being a pirate,' mused Annie, 'looking after people all day, making beds, giving out medicines and things.'

'I think you might be confusing them with someone else,' replied Cyril, 'I'm not sure pirates do that sort of thing.'

'I'm often confused,' said Annie, 'I think it's because I've got wonky horns.'

'Still,' replied Cyril, 'it makes you who you are.'

'So,' said Annie, 'what do pirates do?'

'Well.....' replied Cyril.


Armenoi said...

A fresh sea breeze, conversation on the beach and a twig in your ice cream, what could be better!

By the way, a particularly Olympian racing craft - very nice. I am tempted to shout "Behind you!"

Jeanette House said...

Mmmm, 99-grass-flake ice creams! *nom*

Gina said... out Annie...major culture shock headed your way lol :D XXX