Monday, 9 July 2012

The Return of the Magnificent Six

Captain Bill shuddered...then vibrated...then shuddered a bit more...then vibrated a bit more...and then...simply...exploded.

'BUT HE CAN'T! he screamed.

'Well I'm pretty sure that's what he intends to do,' replied Norma.

'Hopeless!' shouted Captain Bill. 'Utterly, utterly, utterly hopeless! He abandons us for a year, not a word, not a mention and then we're back, just like that! No introduction! No explanation!'

Norma nodded.

'But it's ridiculous!' continued Captain Bill. 'What are we supposed to have been doing for the last twelve months? Standing around in a field?'

'I have!' mooed Annie.

'Shut up!' replied Captain Bill. 'I wasn't asking you! And we'll have lost the audience you know that don't you! They'll have been long gone.'

'They might come back,' suggested Norma.

'Not if they've got any sense!' replied Captain Bill.

'I haven't' mooed Annie.

'Will you shut up!' said Captain Bill. 'And another thing, the dramatic tension's gone out of the storyline. I doubt if you'll find a single person who can remember what was happening.'

'We'd left home and taken Geraldine to the Penguin of the Year Awards where she won several trophies including the top prize and then following the after show party Queen Phoebe, well known local royal personage, realised that she'd lost her crown and quietly enlisted our help to get it back where after a detailed investigation we'd come to the conclusion that it had been stolen by fanatical pirate sheep lead by none other than the notorious Flossie.' replied Norma.

'You did that deliberately didn't you?' asked Captain Bill.

And Norma nodded again.

'So it's all pretty straightforward really,' she added.

'Just as long as you don't have any concept of reality,' replied Captain Bill.

'I don't!' mooed Annie.

And Captain Bill went off to lay in a hedge.


Mike Rankin said...

We moooooooooooissed you!

Heather Leavers said...

Concept of reality? Not sure I ever had one of those, and if I did I lost it long ago. Welcome back!!

Anonymous said...

LMAO, I've missed Annie so much!!! [and loving her socks...] xxx

Gina said...

?Hahaha! Fabulous recovery! This newbie now has an idea of what is going on :D XXX

Dotty said...

Good to have you back:)

Unknown said...


Goblinf said...

marvellous to have them back.

I bought a mini-moo from ClareBears, and the minute baby recipient was very appreciative. I shall tell the parents that the blog is back.