Saturday, 28 July 2012

So far, so silly

'Well I agree in principal,' agreed Norma, 'but I think we also have to be practical about these things.'

'The thing is if you take him away now he'll never learn,' replied Bertha.

'I suspect he'll be able to live with it,' said Norma, 'and Queen Phoebe is a difficult person to say no to.'

'The problem is they never see knitting as an essential life skill,' added Bertha.

'I don't understand that either,' replied Norma, 'I suppose it's a man thing? Now about these pillars.'

'They still need to go in further,' said Bertha, 'and then I'll get started on building the base platform.'

'I'll try to find time to help you with that,' replied Norma, 'has Annie agreed to the overall height?'

'I asked her and she said Geraldine had checked her calculations.'

'We're so lucky to have Geraldine,' replied Norma.

'There can't be many penguins with an advanced surveying course,' said Bertha.

'So everything is coming along then?'

'There's just the matter of the 'you know what',' replied Bertha.

'Ah!' said Norma, '.....I did speak to Cyril...he's going somewhere with Annie next week...I didn't ask where.'

'Hmm,' replied Bertha.

'Needs must!' mooed Norma.

'And we're still a bit behind with the knitting schedule,' pointed out Bertha.

'I thought about that,' replied Norma, 'seeing as I'm pinching Horace from you, it does mean Captain Bill is going spare.'

'Do you want me to take it easy with him as well?' asked Bertha.

'.................................................Not for me to say really!' smiled Norma.

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Gina said...

I can so see Captain Bill being a daemon Knittist :D XXX