Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Something more of ice cream

'....Boarding ships, swinging on ropes, duelling to the death,' replied Cyril, 'at least that's what it says on the posters.'

'No mention of cake then?' asked Annie.

'Or ice creams,' replied Cyril.

'I shall probably not become one then,' said Annie.

'Smart move!' said Cyril. 'By the way, have you seen the other ice creams? They still don't seem to have arrived!'

'I haven't seen anything for a while.' replied Annie.

'So you haven't!' said Cyril.

'I suppose it must be because the days are getting shorter now?'

'Possibly a factor,' agreed Cyril. But then he reached over and removed what was left of the inflatable ring from Annie's head.

'Oooooooh!' mooed Annie. 'Morning already!'

'Must be time for breakfasts then,' suggested Cyril.

'How many?' asked Annie.

'To tell the truth,' replied Cyril, 'those ice creams have rather filled me how about 15 each?'

'Are we going to eat the plates again as well?'

'Saves on the washing up.' replied Cyril.

'And then we can go and find Queen Phoebe's arms?'

'Maybe have a nap first?' replied Cyril.

So Cyril and Annie went off to have 15 midday breakfasts.

And speaking of Queen Phoebe...


Gina said...

No cake? Shame....maybe Annie should get another breakfast :D XXX

Heather Leavers said...

One of the things I liked about LotR was the concept of second breakfast.