Thursday, 2 August 2012

Granite, trifle and other matters

'So I thought it would be quite expensive but then Lord Sir Cyril of Cheapdisguiseshire explained that because there was a Q an X and a Z in the month we didn't have to pay anything!'

'Really!' said Norma. ' lucky for you!' 

'I suppose we were just fortunate that it was the last day of Juqxzly,' replied Annie.

'And would I be correct in guessing that they threw in free delivery as well?' asked Norma.

'I was going to ask them about that,' replied Annie, 'but my chum said that the quarry pixies needed their sleep and so it would be best not to disturb them.'

Norma looked at Annie and then rolled her eyes skyward.

'.......So moving on,' she continued, 'as you can see the Mark 1 Think Thunk making machine is almost finished.'

'It's almost not quite exactly how I imagined it,' said Annie.

'That's good to hear,' replied Norma, 'and we've carried out some trial tests on the friction system.'

'And?' asked Annie.

'You were right,' replied Norma, 'the strawberry trifle works better than the raspberry.'

'It's the slightly bigger pippy bits,' said Annie.

'So all that's left is to haul the 'you know what' into place and it's as complete as it's going to be,' replied Norma.

'Most excellentable!!!!!!!' mooed Annie and she did a little dance with Geraldine to celebrate.

'You can still back out if you want to?' added Norma. 'No one would blame you if did.'

'No,' replied Annie, 'I'm fine thank you, after all, after playing on the helter skelter and paddling and eating and sleeping and knitting and counting my legs and being obsessive about pengimings and elephants, risking all for a good think thunk is my most favourite way of passing the time.'


Gina said...

WTG Annie!!!! She is my hero :D XXX

Armenoi said...

I'm with you on that one Gina. WTG Annie!!!
(What does WTG mean?)