Monday, 13 August 2012

How to survive a splatification

'I expect,' said Annie, 'they may be even wonkier from now on?'

'Nobody'll notice,' replied Cyril, 'and we can always hammer them back to where they were.'

''I wouldn't want them straight!' mooed Annie. 'I'm very proud of my wonky horns.'

'And so you should be,' replied Cyril.

'Is that your opinion as a fully qualified medical type person?' asked Annie.

'I think it must be!' replied Cyril.

'I'm very lucky having such a good chum who's a lawyer, financial adviser AND a top notch doctor,' mused Annie.

'It's all you deserve,' said Cyril.

Annie thought for a while.

'Do you have certificates of medicalwellness?' she asked.

'Er? Must have!' replied Cyril, 'and if I don't I will have by tomorrow morning.'

'Only I could always draw some for you,' offered Annie, 'if you let me have my crayons and pencils.'

'I think it would be best for you to rest for a while first,' replied Cyril, 'after all you had a very narrow escape.'

'I had to wait until the last possible moment,' said Annie, 'but it's worth a scratched horn to have such an important think.'

'Well possibly,' replied Cyril, 'but it's even more important that you take care of yourself. Now, just to help you build your strength back up, how about a little cake?'

'I'd prefer an enormous one,' mooed Annie.

And as it happened Cyril had several.


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Oh my! That was close! *passes huge piece of cake to brave Annie* :D XXX