Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Just where does granite come from?

'Could be a coincidence,' mooed Norma.

'Have you actually read the article?' asked Captain Bill.

'Well......,' replied Norma.

'And in particular I'm referring to the 'twenty ton block of granite still missing' paragraph,' continued Captain Bill.

'I confess I hadn't got that far,' replied Norma.

'You possibly stopped at the 'very, very large person seen running from scene' section?' suggested Captain Bill.

'But the description!' replied Norma. 'Bowler hat!.....Moustache! That doesn't sound like Cyril and besides he's got a receipt for the block that he got us.'

'Writen in crayon!' said Captain Bill calmly, 'which also contains a drawing of Geraldine with the legend, 'I love pengimings' attached to it.'

'I'm sure Annie's innocent...ish,' replied Norma.

'When I get hold of him!' mooed Captain Bill.

'You'll what?' asked Bertha.

'Deal with him in a captainly fashion,' replied Captain Bill.

'I'd turn up for that!' added Bertha.

'Look,' said Norma, 'the fact is...we need the granite.'

Captain Bill looked at Norma.

'So where is he then?'

'Who?' replied Norma.

'You know who!' said Captain Bill.

'He's............somewhere,' replied Norma, '........somewhere out of harms way....hopefully!'

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Gina said...

I'd turn up to see that too, and of course Annie is innocent, she has Geraldine as a witness! :D XXX