Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Leadership in knitting

'So correct me if I'm wrong, which clearly I can't be, but when you said 'just give me the needles, any fool can knit,' were you perhaps a tad overconfident?'

'I still maintain,' replied Captain Bill, 'if you had given me the pattern the right way up!'

'So it is my fault!' mooed Bertha.

'I'm not saying it was deliberate,' replied Captain Bill.

'If I were you I'd be very careful what I was saying,' said Bertha.

'It's just that as a result of your...............slight error,' replied Captain Bill, 'I clearly ended up with my port needle in my starboliarboliboard hoof.'

'I'd hate to think where it might eventually end up!' said Bertha.

'And so,' continued Captain Bill, 'there may be one or two minor deviations from the intended objective for which I clearly cannot be held responsible.'

Hmm,' pondered Bertha, 'well that could make two of us who may not be responsible for their actions.'

'So if you could just, in the spirit of friendly cooperation,' pursued Captain Bill, 'help me free, then I'll endeavour to put right the mistakes which neither of us, although primarily you, have been guilty of.'

'Hmm?' said Bertha again.

'So?' said Captain Bill.

'Just thinking,' replied Bertha.

'Anything in particular?' asked Captain Bill.

'I was wondering how long it's going to take to complete the project,' replied Bertha, 'because then I can subtract that from the total time available and then I'll have a clearer idea of how long I can spend jumping up and down on you!'

'Friendly cooperation,' reminded Captain Bill.

'Well if you'd refrain from screaming it would help,' said Bertha.


Gina said... a whole new meaning to "slip 1, drop 1" :D XXX

Heather Leavers said...

and when we say "jump up and down on you", I assume we mean...

*deleted remainder of comment to protect the sensibilities of your readership*