Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Life, death, trifle and hoof mittens


(Summer 'o's are now ready to harvest and may be pickled for later use.)

It's me!


At least I think I'm Annie, I'm sure I've got it written down somewhere to confirm it. If I'm not I'm someone incredibly like her so let's just pretend that I am and get on with things.

So how are you?

I'm not really interested but Norma says it's polite to ask.

According to the latest reports I'm about to be spattereriaterified. I was due to only be spatterified but I got a free upgrade and some extra cushions which my chum Geraldine is test snoozing.

So how are you?

I'm still not really interested but it's been a while since I asked.

Cake or trifle? It's a difficult one!

Anyhoweverables, should things go terribly wrong and all deadsville I would like to be remembered as someone who did things and wore some pretty spiffy stripey hoof mittens while she was doing them*

So how are you?

Of course the correct answer is cake AND trifle!

It's been fun...tired now!



*Obviously this only tends to apply to the winter months I've never been a big fan of the summer hoof mitten.


Gina said...

Ha! I so gave every one cake AND trifle last weekend...in the same bowl..with pouring cream and squirty cream!!!! I get a little impatient sometimes when waiting for a reply. Could use one of those think thunk machines for my menfolk! :D XXX

Armenoi said...

It would have been worth it for the trifle alone - what a BEAUT!