Wednesday, 22 August 2012

More paddling, more pirates

'It is NOT a pirate costume!' continued Captain Bill. 'It is simply proper bathing attire.'

'That just happens to make you look like a pirate,' replied Bertha.

'It does a bit,' agreed Norma.

'I suspect it creates an air of sophistication that you two would find difficult to comprehend!' replied Captain Bill.

'Still makes you look like a pirate,' said Bertha.

'I shall ignore you,' replied Captain Bill.

And he did.

'Sorry,' said Bertha after a while.

'Accepted,' replied Captain Bill.

'So...' continued Bertha, 'if I asked really nicely....would you....would you say 'yo ho ho'?'

Captain Bill turned to Norma.

'Could you,' he asked, 'kindly inform your friend that I am one step away from abandoning this whole affair and that her contribution is not helping.'

'I will,' replied Norma, '.....................................although if you are going to become a pirate I think you'll need to be made of sterner stuff.'

And with that Norma and Bertha both fell over sideways giggling.

'Right, I'm going!' mooed Captain Bill.

But before he got very far his attention was attracted by an envelope that had appeared beside him.

'Ello!' he said. 'What's this?'


Armenoi said...

At the risk of repeating myself...
"Behind You..."

Gina said...

Is Annie playing roly-poly down the hill??? :D XXX