Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Paddling for pirates

'But it's a higher tariff,' explained Bertha, 'because it's quite a tricky dive.'

'Is this going to go on for much longer?' asked Captain Bill.

'Oh don't be such a spoil sport!' replied Norma.

So Geraldine did her dive and everyone applauded.

'I have to say she looks very at home in the water,' added Norma.

'She's a penguin!' exclaimed Captain Bill. 'Of course she's going to look at home in the water! She's a penguin, it's where they live!'

'Just saying,' replied Norma.

'This is ridiculous!' continued Captain Bill.

'We've only been here for half an hour,' said Bertha.

'And for how long are we required to remain?' asked Captain Bill, 'or didn't Ms Nutter specify?'

'You're only saying that...' called out Annie but the rest of her words were drowned out by Geraldine taking another dive.

'It's almost as if she were born for it!' remarked Norma.

'SHE'S A PENGUIN!!!' mooed Captain Bill.

'You're very touchy today,' replied Norma.

Captain Bill looked at Norma.

'We have spent the last however many weeks indulging the mad amongst us just so that she can decide she wants us to take a paddle and you expect me to just remain calm? So yes, I am touchy and I think I have a perfect right to take up a hostile attitude.'

'Is that why you've come dressed as a pirate?' asked Bertha.

'I have not dressed as a pirate!' replied Captain Bill.

'Have!' said Bertha.

'Have not!' replied Captain Bill.

'Have!' said Bertha.


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Brilliant! dress up as a rival pirate. That's bound to bring the other pirates "flocking" :D XXX