Friday, 3 August 2012

Putting the 'you know what' in place

'Mime moing mup!' said Annie

'Moam mi!' mooed Horace.

'We need more weight on rope 16!' called out Bertha.

'I'll use Geraldine!' replied Norma.

Norma quickly signalled across to the other side of the Think Thunk machine and Geraldine ran across as quickly as her little penguin legs would allow.

'A mengiming! A mengiming!' shouted Annie.

'Situation stabilising!' reported Bertha.

'Is Cyril alright on his own without Geraldine?' asked Norma.

'Seems to be,' replied Bertha, 'he's just tying off now.'

And the 'you know what' moved higher.

'Not far to go now,' observed Norma.

'Just checking the vertical line,' replied Bertha, 'and then it's one more to go.'

'OK!' said Bertha.

'Cyril!' called out Norma. 'Rope 17 please! Cyril! Cyril put down the trifle! CYRIL! CYRIL STEP AWAY FROM THE TRIFLE NOW!'

'Too late!' said Bertha.

'I've made spares,' replied Norma.

And with Geraldine helping Annie and Horace the 'you know what' moved higher.

'I....I may never write any poetry again!' gasped Horace.

'No bad thing then!' called out Cyril.

'Right,' said Norma, 'all hooves and wings onto rope 17 and then we're done!'

So everyone helped on rope 17 and the 'you know what' was finally in place.

'It looks good!' said Bertha.

'Indeed it does!' replied Norma. 'So I think it's time for a Captain's inspection.'

And so it was.


Gina said...

17 ropes a penguin and some trifle???? The latest episode of 50 shades of Grey?? :D XXX

Armenoi said...

Arrggghhhh!!! The SUSPENSE!