Monday, 20 August 2012

So who thinks the thunk was worth it?

'Let me start,' began  Captain Bill, 'by pointing out that I already know the answer to this and am only asking so as to achieve maximum sarcastic impact, but just how much time have we spent on this 'think' business?'

'.............................................a while,' replied Norma.

'Exactly?' asked Captain Bill.

'.........................Not sure when we started really,' replied Norma.

'Hmmm,' said Captain Bill, 'and at the end of it, at the end of this long, long awful drawn out process...what are we left with?'

'She did risk her life for this,' pointed out Norma.

'I'm tempted to wonder if we got the right result?' mused Captain Bill.

'That's not nice,' mooed Norma, 'you're still her captain. You should be supportive even if it's not quite turned out as we expected.'

'Some people,' replied Captain Bill, 'are easier to support than others.'

'Well in the absence of a better idea it seemed like the best thing to do at the time.' said Norma.

'And you still want to pursue it?' asked Captain Bill.

'We've come this far,' replied Norma.

'Hardly an award winner argument!' said Captain Bill.

'Well it may not take long,' replied Norma, 'and the weather's nice and I'm sure we could all enjoy it if we tried?'

'So then,' said Captain Bill, 'the big, massive, super critical idea that Annie's had is?'

'Waiting!' added Captain Bill.

Norma took a deep breath.

'That you, me and Bertha should go and have a paddle in the sea,' she sighed.

'Fine!' said Captain Bill.


Armenoi said...

Oh ye of little faith. May your toes get shrimpled Captain Bill!

Gina said...

Well derrrrr....where else would you look for pirates??? Well thunkjed Annie :D XXX