Thursday, 9 August 2012

The sport of Queens

'Well I did say you'd be better off going 13, triple 17 and double top to finish,' said Queen Phoebe.

'You did!' replied Cyril. 'Why didn't I listen? I'm a fool to myself sometimes!' 

'So that's me ahead 15 games to 3,' announced Queen Phoebe.

'I just never thought you'd be this good,' replied Cyril.

'It's what comes from 'aving so many archers,' explained Queen Phoebe, 'and  'is royal kingshipfulness, isn't he lovely, 'as always been partial to a game or two.'

'You live and learn,' replied Cyril.

'You do!' agreed Queen Phoebe. 'One never thought One would see the day when a castle wall would be half inched that's for sure.'

'If you don't nail it down!' replied Cyril.

'And people what is in bowler hats used to be so trustworthy,' continued Queen Phoebe.

'It's a lack of self discipline,' replied Cyril. 'If you ask me the whole of modern society has lost its moral compass.'

'It's true! It's true!' exclaimed Queen Phoebe.

'So shall we 'ave another game?' asked Cyril.

'I'm up for it,' replied Queen phoebe, 'One hasn't  'ad this many laughs for simply ages!'

'Glad to hear it,' said Cyril, ' know, if you wanted, we could always make it a bit more interesting?'

'How so?' asked Queen Phoebe.

'Well...could 'ave a little bet on it...just a small one...just for fun.'


Armenoi said...

Oh dear... and Queenie was looking rather rumpled to start with. How will she look once Cyril has finished with her???

Gina said...

Naughty Cyril...hustling 'er Majesty!!! :D XXX