Saturday, 4 August 2012

To inspect and inspire

'I just thought it would be nice if you could say a few words. People have put a lot of effort into this!' said Norma.

'Hmm,' replied Captain Bill, 'I suppose you're right. There comes a time when only a few well chosen observations from a natural leader will suffice.'

'Thank you,' said Norma, 'although I'm not sure where Cyril is and Horace asked to be excused because he's had an idea for a poem...and Annie's having a nap.'

'Just you and Ms Shouty then?' said Captain Bill.

'Actually Bertha's carrying out some final checks...but Geraldine's here.'

'So I'm making a speech to you and Geraldine?'

'I'll give you my undivided!' mooed Norma.

'Might as well do it now then!' replied Captain Bill, 'hardly seems worth building the whole thing up if it's just the three of us.'

'I just thought you might like a tour first?' suggested Norma.

'So where are we then?' asked Captain Bill.

'Kind of you to ask,' replied Norma, 'this is just the very outer edge of the machine. I don't think much of this will actually get used.'

'And towards the middle?' said Captain Bill.

'Well you can see the central gantry from here,' replied Norma, 'and then the platform underneath where Annie will be.'

'Right,' replied Captain Bill, 'I can't help noticing...on the gantry thingy...what looks like from here, if I'm not mistaken, something that could easily pass for a twenty ton block of granite!'

'That's right!' agreed Norma.

'And you're going to....?'

'Drop it on Annie's head,' replied Norma.

'Right!' said Captain Bill.


Gina said...

Hahaha...wasn't expecting that :D XXX

Armenoi said...

So... Mushy Moo Thunks then!

Unknown said...

erk! is this wise!

Steve Allender said...

You're worried? Think how I feel!