Saturday, 22 September 2012

And always let a hedgehog be your guide

'I'm trying not to honestly I am!' said Captain Bill.

'They are very sensitive about it,' replied Norma.

'But it's just....'

'I know!' mooed Norma. 'They are very twitchy noses!'

'I keep wanting to beep them!'

'No!' said Norma. 'You mustn't! And they've been sooooo helpful. Bertha spotted the island a couple of hours ago.'

'Do we really need to?' asked Captain Bill.

'Yes we do!' replied Norma. 'We gave our word to get that crown back.'

'I didn't!' said Captain Bill.

'I gave it for you,' replied Norma.

'So kind!' said Captain Bill.

'That's me!' replied Norma. 'Now we'd better be getting on.'

'Yes!' said Captain Bill. 'Of course there will be a harbour to get the Pickled Heifer into.'

'Indeed,' replied Norma. 'Actually I was going to have a word with you about that.'

'No need,' said Captain Bill.

'It's just that....Queen Phoebe rather wanted to have a getting us safely in.'

'WHAT!' mooed Captain Bill.

'She was quite insistent,' added Norma.

'Was she!' said Captain Bill.

'Just play nicely,' replied Norma.

'Always do!' said Captain Bill.

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Gina said...

Oow such cute little twitchy noses....:D XXX