Friday, 21 September 2012

Casual reading for pirate lovers

'It's called a coffee table book,' mooed Annie, 'because if you don't like reading it you can use it as a coffee table.'

'Top information!' said Cyril.

'Also,' continued Annie, 'if you took all the pages out and laid them end to end you'd end up with a long line of pages and a completely ruined don't try it!'

'Pearls of wisdom!' replied Cyril.

'I don't remember anything about pearls?' said Annie. 'Perhaps I need to read it again?'

'So what do you remember?' asked Cyril.

'Errrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr?' said Annie. 'Hedgehogs can't fly, you can fit wheels to them and they make for great pirates except in the autumn when they just want to curl up under a bunch of leaves.'

'I feel I should be taking notes,' replied Cyril.

'You could always borrow the book?' suggested Annie.

'Maybe not this minute,' replied Cyril.

'Your choice,' said Annie, 'but if you're ever in a life or death situation and find yourself thinking, 'I've had a good time and plenty of breakfasts but I now bitterly regret not learning more about the life and times of various hedgehog pirates, '...well you may find yourself casting your mind back to this very moment!'

'I just hope I can find it within me to forgive myself at the time,' replied Cyril. 'Although I suspect I'd be more focused on the 'plenty of breakfasts' aspect.'

'And talking of breakfasts!' said Annie.

'It is three in the afternoon,' replied Cyril.

'Time for breakfasts then!' mooed Annie.

And it was.


Armenoi said...

Some entities are just not taking this pirate situation seriously! They know who I mean!!!

Gina said...

Love the outfit Annie :D XXX