Monday, 10 September 2012

Critical sandwich height theory

'So me and Mr Sir Lord Cyril of Tenbreakfastsaren'tenoughshire are convinced we can get them even higher still!' said Annie.

'Glad to see you haven't just been wasting your time on something frivolous!' replied Norma.

'We wouldn't dream of it,' mooed Annie. 'It's the base width that matters most and you mustn't put too much grass in early on or the pressure from the upper layers squeezes all the juice out and makes them go soggy which results in instability.'

Norma nodded her head. 'You seem to have taken sandwich design to a whole new a quite literal sense!'

'Well we just like a challenge,' mooed Annie.

'Indeed!' replied Norma. 'And speaking of challenges I must be getting on.'

'Only after you've finished your sandwiches,' suggested Annie, 'or you may fall over due to lack of sandwicheness.'

'True,' replied Norma, 'but I really do need to get some work done. Queen Phoebe's steering session has made it even less likely than normal that I can work out where we are.'

'Would it help if I danced while you were trying to work it out?' asked Annie.

'I'd have to say I doubt it,' replied Norma, 'but I've no objection to you trying.'

'Classic rumba or modern improv?' asked Annie.

'I'll leave it up to you,' replied Norma.

'Perhaps something based on the eternal struggle to make the best possible sandwich type breakfast while chasing down pirates across the high seas?' 

'And you can get all of that into a dance?' queried Norma.

'Who cares!' replied Annie.

So Geraldine tapped out a tune, Norma tucked into yet another very tasty sandwich and Annie danced for a while.


Gina said...

Oh the pictures in my head of Annie twirling majestically to a Latin beat....awesome :D

Armenoi said...

Glad to see normality didn't rear its boring head whilst I was away.
Go Cow Island!!!

PS - you seem to have lost the little boats.