Thursday, 13 September 2012

Finding a direction in life

'And the green bits again?'

'Islands!' mooed Norma.

'OK!' replied Captain Bill. 'Of course we didn't do much of this at captain school.'

'Which has always surprised me,' said Norma.

'Shouldn't need to,' replied Captain Bill. 'If you trust in your knitted compass and use your instincts a good captain should be able to work out where he is.'

'So where are we?' asked Norma.

'Anyway,' continued Norma, 'perhaps trying to use the maps isn't such a bad idea.'

'Hmm,' replied Captain Bill, 'so what's that!'

Norma peered at a mark on the map.

'I think it's a dead fly?'

'But it's enormous!' said Captain Bill. 'It's almost the size of that island!'

'No!' replied Norma, 'no, it's not actually a part of the map, it just happens to be on it.'

'Still,' said Captain Bill, 'best if we try to sail around it.'

'I'll make a note to do so,' replied Norma.

'Do we have any seaweed?' asked Captain Bill.

'You think it might be worth checking on the weather then?' replied Norma.

'No, I'm just feeling a little peckish,' said Captain Bill.

'I could order you a sandwich,' replied Norma, 'they're well worth having.'

'Maybe later,' said Captain Bill, '...........and the blue bits?'

'The sea!' said Norma.

'They're trickier things than you think these maps.'

But before Norma could reply they were interrupted by a shout from Bertha.


Armenoi said...

Thank goodness - I was about to shoot him!

Heather Leavers said...

maps? wossat? is it a boything?

Gina said...

Very tricky things instruction manuals for tv's and washing machines *nods head wisely* :D XXX