Thursday, 20 September 2012

Hedgehog, Penguin, Cartoon Cow translation made easy

'It's their little noses!' continued Captain Bill. 'I just love they way they twitch them!'

'Actually I think they're a bit sensitive about that,' replied Norma. 'I'd avoid the whole general cuteness thing if I were you.'

'But they are cute!' exclaimed Captain Bill. 'Really I don't know why you were so worried about meeting them!'

'ME!' mooed Norma.

'You get this pirate thing out of proportion sometimes,' added Captain Bill.

'Really?' replied Norma.

'I have to say I never imagined that they'd be into pirating.'

'If I'm understanding Geraldine properly they're mostly into sub-contracting these days. They tend to take on the...well...small jobs, watching harbours, mending sails, deep penetration nocturnal covert surveillance...that sort of thing.'

'Interesting!' said Captain Bill.

'And apparently running with pointy spines is still OK with the health and safety people.'

'Fascinating!' said Captain Bill. 'And we're quite sure about Geraldine's translation?'

'I think so?' replied Norma. 'According to Annie Geraldine wrote a small monograph on them a few years back. Annie says she's got a copy of it somewhere.'

'She never ceases to amaze!' said Captain Bill.

'Agreed!' mooed Norma.

'So what's the plan?' asked Captain Bill.

'They've agreed to take us to the jamboree,' replied Norma. 'It seems we were almost there anyway.'

'Well if they're all as cute as these little chaps it'll be a doddle!' said Captain Bill.

'No!' replied Norma, 'No, most pirates are great big ruthless people who'll cut you up like a treat and no mistake.'

'I'll be in my store room if you need me!' said Captain Bill.

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