Tuesday, 25 September 2012

How to arrive at a jamboree

'I was managing perfectly well until she interfered!' said Captain Bill.

'.....................................................Yes!' replied Norma.

'And I could have got us into that harbour, there were clearly several entrances!'

'I just thought given all the attention we were attracting that it was better to sail past it,' said Norma.

'We would have attracted less attention if we hadn't hit anyone else!' mooed Bertha.

'That wasn't my fault!' replied Captain Bill. 'Some of that parking was rubbish!'

'Perhaps we should just move on?' suggested Norma. 'It's a lovely nice little bay that we've anchored in.'

'Hmm,' said Captain Bill, 'so what next? I can't imagine us keeping a low profile for very long with her Queenship trollying around.'

'I've managed to persuade her to stay onboard the Pickled Hiefer,' replied Norma, 'or at least I think I have? She's going to have a go at writing some poetry with Horace. So we can just quietly get on.'

'And I notice the fat one's gone missing already!' added Captain Bill.

'Mr Sir Cyril has gone to find breakfasts!' called out Annie.

'Shouldn't take him long,' muttered Captain Bill.

'So the way's clear for us to proceed,' said Norma.

'So what do you recon then?' asked Captain Bill. 'Just where do we start looking for a stolen crown?'

'I'm not sure?' replied Norma. 'But we have to acknowledge that when it comes to top notch pirate activity there's no one better than Flossie and he'll undoubtedly have worked out a plan so cunning that it wouldn't surprise me if even as we speak he and his flock were already shaking hooves on some desperate agreement with a criminal mastermind which would see the crown disappear forever!'

And so everyone's minds turned towards what Flossie and his pirate flock might be up to!


Gina said...

Oh i so love that the pirate leader is called Flossie :D XXX

Armenoi said...

Ha, haa, baa, I can't wait to hear what it is.