Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Lack of cabin fever

'But it's for me!' exclaimed Captain Bill.

'Can't be helped,' replied Cyril, 'it's the last one, I've checked.'

'But I can't fit into that!' continued Captain Bill.

'Not my fault,' replied Cyril.

'Look I'm not sure why we're discussing this anyway, surely my replacement cabin will come with its own hammock?'

'Nobody said anything about a cabin,' replied Cyril.

'Well obviously there will be a cabin!' mooed Captain Bill.

'Not as far as I'm aware,' replied Cyril.

'But we've got loads of spare cabins!' said Captain Bill.

Cyril shook his head. 'Nope!' 

'But we must have! It's an enormous ship! There must be one spare cabin!'

'All fully booked,' replied Cyril.

'But there are only 6 of us!' said Captain Bill.

'7!' corrected Cyril.

'7?' said Captain Bill. 'Are you saying that Geraldine has her own cabin!!'

'Everyone deserves a little privacy,' replied Cyril.

'But what about me!' pleaded Captain Bill.

'Hmm?' replied Cyril, 'I suppose there's my store room? There are shelves, they're not very wide but if you did your best to lay still?'

'You want me to sleep in a store room!' said Captain Bill.

'Well no not really,' replied Cyril, 'you'd be getting in the way!'

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