Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Left on the shelf?

'Are you sure?' asked Horace.

'I'm fine thank you!' replied Captain Bill.

'It doesn't look very comfortable...or safe,' added Horace.

'Really I'm fine,' replied Captain Bill.

'Don't you even have a hammock?' asked Horace.

'I've given it away,' replied Captain Bill.

'It just doesn't seem right for you to be sleeping there,' said Horace.

'Your concern is duly noted,' replied Captain Bill, 'but if we could please get on.'

'Norma wants to know if you'd like to help her?' said Horace.

'I wondered when this would happen,' replied Captain Bill.

'She's trying to work out where we are.'

'I thought she might be,' replied Captain Bill.

'Are you sure your alright there? It's not very wide!'

'I've wedged myself in, there's no risk of me falling.'



'So shall I tell her you'll help?'

'Possibly...I'm in no rush, I'm not going to go stampeding off to help just like that, I may make her wait a while, let her stew.'

'So do you want help getting down off the shelf?'

'Is there anyone else around?'


'It's just my left horn, apart from that I'm fine!'

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Gina said...

Hahaha....I guess there aren't that many hedges to get stuck in at sea :D XXX