Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Looking after the Queen

'But she does know?' asked Captain Bill. 'She knows it wasn't my fault?'

'I think you made that perfectly clear to her,' replied Norma.

'Good, good!' said Captain Bill. 'I just didn't want there to be any doubts.'

'She's not mentioned it to be honest,' replied Norma, 'I think she's starting to miss King Otto.'

'Well I told her not to come!' mooed Captain Bill.

'Perhaps you did but she's here now and I think we should just do our best to look after her,' replied Norma.

'So I see,' said Captain Bill, '....are those...are those cushions from my cabin?'

'I didn't have enough of my own,' replied Norma.

'And that's my fan!'

'She's a bit hot.'

'So that makes it OK to just help yourself to my stuff?' asked Captain Bill.

'She is a Queen,' replied Norma, 'she's used to a certain standard of living, we may all have to make a few sacrifices.'

'Hmm' said Captain Bill, 'so anything else I need to know about? Do I still have desk or have you sold it off to buy more cushions?'

'It's still in the cabin,' said Norma.

'Well that's something I suppose,' replied Captain Bill. 'although I'm tempted to go and check.'

'I wouldn't do that if I were you,' said Norma.

'Why not?' asked Captain Bill.

'Queen Phoebe's gone for a nap,' replied Norma.

'And what's that got to do with my cabin?' asked Captain Bill.

 'She needs a cabin as much as anyone,' replied Norma, '......and....yours is the largest.'

'WHAT!' mooed Captain Bill.

But Norma had already run off to the other end off the ship.

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