Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Pirate sheep and their dastardly plans

'It's just I've had a word with the lads and they'd rather not,' said Lefty.

'But it'd only be for a couple of hours!' replied Flossie. 'We'd all get to see so much more!'

'Still,' replied Lefty, 'the lads would prefer it if we all went around a flock like.'

Flossie sighed. 'We'll spend half our time queueing, you know that don't you!'

'Be more fun though,'  replied Lefty, 'being all together.'

'...........................................OK!' bleated Flossie. 'All together it is!'

And as one the pirate flock cheered.

'Is it me,' continued Flossie, 'or is it more corporate this year?'

'Suppose it's only to be expected,' replied Lefty, 'must cost a lot to put something like this on.

'Makes it less piratey though,' said Flossie.

'So where do you want to start then?' asked Lefty.

'Dunno!' replied Flossie. 'Don't mind really.'

At this point Hooky tapped several times on a nearby sign.

'Well I guess we could?' replied Flossie. 'It has become a bit of a tradition.'

'And it would be good to do it early on,' added Lefty, 'before the equipment gets too muddy.'

'Fine then!' bleated Flossie.

And the flock moved off towards a particularly large tent.

'Oh!' added Lefty as they walked along. 'Don't forget we still need to find somewhere to sell the 'you know what'.'

'Crikey!' replied Flossie. 'I'd forgotten about that!'


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Gina said...

???? What could a flock of pirate sheep be doing in a large tent to get all muddy??? :D XXX