Friday, 14 September 2012

Pirate spotting for beginners

'Well they do look very piraty!' said Norma.

'Right!' said Captain Bill.

'We'll have to get closer to them to be sure though,' continued Norma.


'A depressed roger?' mooed Captain Bill.

'It's what pirates fly when they're feeling a bit down,' replied Norma. 'It almost certainly makes them pirates though.'

'So if you're sure they're pirates there's no need to get any closer,' said Captain Bill.

'Well we don't want to run the risk of losing sight of them,' replied Norma.

'Don't we?' asked Captain Bill.

'We can follow them,' replied Norma, 'and they can lead us to the jamboree.'

'So you still want to go to that then?' asked Captain Bill.

'Of course we do!' said Norma.

'We couldn't just...have a holiday or something?'

'But we have to get the crown back!' replied Norma.

'How about shopping?' suggested Captain Bill. 'We haven't been shopping for ages! You like shopping!'

'Afterwards,' replied Norma. 'and right now, if you're not doing anything better, I'd like you to come and take over from me and keep an eye on this ship.'

'And your reason for wishing to be relieved?' asked Captain Bill.

'Because,' replied Norma, 'if we're going to be getting closer to them, there needs to one or two changes made, to the Pickled Hiefer...and ourselves!'

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Armenoi said...

And leaving Captain Thingy in charge is going to result in sidling closer to pirates, depressed or otherwise, will it? Hmmm perhaps not the best plan for a Friday! Just think what could happen over the weekend!