Saturday, 15 September 2012

Sewing the seeds

'No!' mooed Norma, 'That's the bits box. I want the big bits box.'

'But I thought that was the big bits box?' said Horace.

'No it's just the bits box,' replied Norma.

'So where's the big bits box?' asked Horace.

'It's by the bits box,' replied Norma.

'But I thought this was the bigger one?' said Horace.

'No,' replied Norma., 'the big bits box is bigger than that that's why it's called the big bits box!'

But?' began Horace.

'In my berth by the bunting but before the baskets is the big bits box which was next to the bits box...before you brought it up here,' replied Norma.

'Baskets?' said Horace.

'The baskets!' replied Norma. 

'And what's in those?' asked Horace.

'Ooooooh!' replied Norma. 'Buttons mostly!'

'So do you want me to take this back then?' said Horace.

'Yes please,' replied Norma, 'and put it back next to the bunting and then bring the big bits box...and a few buttons.'

So Horace took the bits box back the Norma's berth and placed it between the bunting and the baskets and then he brought up the big bits box and a few buttons.

And Norma was happy!

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Gina said...

Hahaha...hubby relates totally to this episode. Says is your missus a crafter too? :D XXX