Wednesday, 12 September 2012

The tallest sandwich in the world!

'I suppose it's just one of those things that forever changes the world we live in,' said Cyril.

'Should we expect massive overwhelming press attention?' asked Annie.

'I'd be most surprised if it didn't happen!' replied Cyril.

'I'm often surprised,' said Annie, 'this morning I was quite surprised to find out it was this morning!'

'Life can be like that,' replied Cyril, 'I find it easiest to just accept these things and then eat something.'

'Like a very large sandwich?' suggested Annie.

'That would certainly be high on my list,' replied Cyril, 'unless there was a very, very large sandwich to be had.'

'I'd happily make you one,' said Annie.

'I think you already have!' replied Cyril.

'I was surprised, for a second time today, that nobody else wanted to come and have a look at it,' continued Annie.

'Mmm,' replied Cyril, 'it's almost as if they had something better to do with their time!'

'But there isn't!' mooed Annie. 'Unless there's a helter skelter somewhere around here that I don't know about?'

'I'm sure you'd have found it if there was,' replied Cyril. 'Personally I'd travel some distance just to look at food...providing there was also a strong possibility of being able to eat it.'

'So are we going to celebrate our sandwichtasticness?'

'I feel we should,' replied Cyril.

'How?' asked Annie.

'I suspect we both know the answer to that,' replied Cyril.

So Cyril and Annie ate the sandwich...and then made another one...and ate that as well...and then made another one...and ate that as well...

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