Wednesday, 19 September 2012

When pirates get close

'I thought you said we'd keep them a long way away!' mooed Captain Bill.

'That was the intention!' replied Norma. 'They seem to have had different ideas!'

'Muo mont me mu mo mer mope met?' asked Horace.

'Not yet!' replied Norma.

'And how come they suddenly got so close so quickly?' asked Captain Bill.

'I suppose it's just a pirate thing!' replied Norma. 'I guess they must get quite good at sailing up to you.'

'Well they shouldn't be!' said Captain Bill.

'Too late to do anything about it now!' replied Norma. 'We'll just have to play along with them. At least it must mean that our disguises are good enough.'

'Mow?' said Horace.

'Not yet!' replied Norma.

'...................Couldn't we just go home?' asked Captain Bill.

'Sorry!' replied Norma. 'Just try to think piratey thoughts!'

'I'm not sure what they are?' said Captain Bill.

'Me neither actually!' replied Norma.

'I have to say,' continued Captain Bill, 'it's a surprisingly small ship they've got!'

'I was only just thinking that myself,' replied Norma, 'it's even smaller than the Mootilus. It looked small when it was at a distance but it doesn't seem to have got much bigger now we're next to it!'

'I can't actually see anyone,' added Captain Bill.

'No!' replied Norma. Strange that!'

'Mow?' asked Horace.

'OK!' replied Norma. 'Aim it towards that pile of cannon balls!.........Oh! OH! They're not cannon balls! Oh that explains rather a lot....sort of!'


Armenoi said...

NOT cannonball?
What on earth could they be...?

Tina Mammoser said...

pirate hedgehogs? pirate haggis?