Thursday, 18 October 2012

Buying and selling

'I wondered where he'd got to!' said Norma.

'Is that, is that MY carriage clock?' asked Captain Bill.

'And that's your chest as well,' added Bertha. 'Actually I'd say from here that about 90% of what he's got has come out of your cabin.'

'Right!' mooed Captain Bill.

And closely followed by everyone else he stampeded down towards Cyril.

'Morning!' said Cyril.

'That's....this''s!' exclaimed Captain Bill.

'Are you feeling alright?' asked Cyril. 'You're looking a very strange colour.'

'IT'S ALL MY STUFF!' screamed Captain Bill.

'I know!' replied Cyril.

'But you can't just take it!'

'Can if I'm a pirate,' replied Cyril. 'Got to have something to tempt the punters in.'

'But!' said Captain Bill.

'I'll sell it back to you if you like?' offered Cyril. 'It'd look good. It helps to draw people in if there's already a crowd.'

'But it's mine in the first place!' replied Captain Bill.

'I'd give you discount.'

'I am not paying to buy back what I already own!'

'I've picked up some other bits along the way,' continued Cyril. 'I'd throw them in as well.'

'I am not interested!' mooed Captain Bill. 'Now pack it all up and take it back to my cabin!'

'Up to you?' replied Cyril. 'Ruin your best chance of getting the crown back though.'

'He's right!' said Norma. 'This is just the sort of place they'd be looking to sell to.'

'Will you kindly keep out of this!' asked Captain Bill. 'Now for the last time pack it all up and take it back to the ship...and put me carriage clock back on me french dresser!'

'Can't!' replied Cyril.

'Why not?' asked Captain Bill.

'Sold it about half an hour ago,' replied Cyril.

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Helen-S said...

Aaah, Cyril is such a star!