Monday, 29 October 2012

Crown moving and other problems

'Ah ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Me hearties! Ha! Ha! Keel haul the lot of them! Then make sail for the Governor's palace!..........................................No, sorry, I still can't get into it.' said Flossie.

'I just thought it might help?' replied Lefty.

'Appreciate the idea,' replied Flossie. 'You know me, always happy to run it up the mizzen mast and see how it flutters.'

'So do you feel it's going to be just a passing thing or more of a long term problem?' 

'Not sure really?' replied Flossie.

'Have you considered counselling?'

'Not really me,' replied Flossie. 'Now moving on, this would be'you know what'?'

'That's right,' said Lefty.

'Shall we unwrap it?' asked Flossie.

'Up to you?' replied Lefty. 'But it would invalidate the insurance.'

'Insurance?' bleated Flossie.

'Insurance,' repeated Lefty.

'But it's stolen!' said Flossie. 

'Still,' replied Lefty, 'when we renewed on the Mint Sauce for just a bit extra you got contents thrown in as well.'

'But it's stolen! We wouldn't be able to make a claim.'

'But it was very cheap,' replied Lefty. 'Me and the rest of the lads thought it was too good an offer to miss.'

And the flock bleated in agreement.

'I, I can't help thinking you been tucked up.' said Flossie. 'Everything we've got has been half inched, we've not got any receipts.'

'But it was a great deal,' replied Lefty.

'..............................Fine!' said Flossie. 'Let's go and get on with selling it then.'

'It'll be OK in the end, you'll see,' replied Lefty.

'So this counselling then,' asked Flossie as the flock moved along, 'you got a contact number?'


Gina said... to feel for a pirate in this paperworked world of ours. :D XXX

Armenoi said...

That'll be group counselling then...