Wednesday, 31 October 2012

How to bribe a giraffe

'There are reports of shoals of trifles off the coast again.'

'I myself have missed this as I have been spending too much time at the gymnasium,' replied Cyril.

'I did ask her if we could dispense with the passwords,' said Bertha.

'I saw a picture of a gym once,' replied Cyril. 'Never again!'

'So what news?' asked Bertha.

'The giraffe is in!' replied Cyril.

'Should I ask how?' asked Bertha.

'Didn't take much,' replied Cyril. 'A couple of 2nd hand carpets and a secret hoof shake.'

'Captain Bill's cabin is carpeted I believe,' said Bertha.

'Was!' replied Cyril.

'And Norma and I are a tad concerned about where you're getting the crowns from?'

'Got to look the part!' replied Cyril. 'A dealer in crowns has got to have crowns otherwise people would question things.'

'Still!' said Bertha.

'I'll give them back afterwards,' replied Cyril.

'Promise?' asked Bertha.

'Like to buy a painting?' asked Cyril.

'Who's it by?' asked Bertha.

And Cyril indicated a signature.

'Oh! It's one of his!' mooed Bertha, '............................He aught to stick to drawing cartoons!'

'That's just what I said!' replied Cyril.


Armenoi said...

Less words in his paintings but still the same amount of green, especially when Annie has been helping.

Gina said...

Now that just goes to show I am not as clever as a cow....I hadn't even considered where Cyril had "acquired" the other crowns from :D XXX