Saturday, 20 October 2012

How to find a Queen

Could you please just stand still for a moment!' demanded Bertha.

'I'm trying! I'm trying!' said Horace. 'This isn't easy you know!'

'And it's not easy to see off into the distance if you're being wobbled about!' replied Bertha.

'I think we're all finding the circumstances a little tricky,' added Norma.

'Any sign of her?' asked Captain Bill.

'No!' said Bertha and Norma.

'Is that her over there?' mooed Annie.

Slowly everyone turned to see.

'It's a giraffe!!!' exclaimed Captain Bill. 'You can clearly see it's a giraffe! It's a giraffe!'

'I thought perhaps she'd put her hair up!' replied Annie.

'Hopeless!' said Captain Bill. 'Absolutely hopeless!'

'Perhaps we need to go on a bit further?' suggested Norma.

'I'm not sure I can,' replied Captain Bill.

'Nor me!' said Horace.

'Just a bit,' repeated Norma.

So Horace and Captain Bill shuffled forwards.

'If you could just mind me hat?' asked Captain Bill.

'I'm trying to,' replied Norma.

'Only you're crushing the back of it.'

'It's not intentional,' replied Norma.

And everyone was growing rather tired of things when Geraldine suddenly waved her wings about and pointed into the distance with her beak.

'At last!' said Norma.

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Gina said...

So, the it another pirate or a fair ground worker....or perhaps another spy? :D XXX