Thursday, 25 October 2012

Listen very carefully...

'I see the fruit cakes have flown south early this winter,' whispered Bertha.

'Excellent!' replied Cyril, 'That can only help me with the strict diet that I have so recently embarked on.'

'You know I'm not convinced that we need these passwords!' mooed Bertha.

'They're certainly not accurate!' replied Cyril.

'I'll have to speak to Norma about them,' said Bertha. 'She does have a tendency to get carried away with these things.'

'So any news?' asked Cyril.

'Nothing so far,' replied Bertha. 'And you?'

'Sold a couple of nice rugs.'

'Where did you get them from?'

'He'll never miss them,' replied Cyril. 'Besides we've got to make contacts.'

'And have you?'

'Got talking to a giraffe,' replied Cyril. 'He applied for a post with Flossie a while back. Didn't get the job, he's got a bit of a grudge, could be useful.'

'But you've not seen them yourself?' asked Bertha.

'Not yet,' replied Cyril, 'but there have been rumblings!'

'Sorry about that!' called out Annie.

'Well keep your eyes peeled,' continued Bertha. 'It's vital that we get to know exactly where they are and what they're up to.

'Will do!' said Cyril.

'Captain Bill will pop by later to get a further report,' added Bertha.

'How will I know it's him?' asked Cyril.

'He'll offer you a victoria sponge sandwich from a tin that contains no victoria sponge sandwich.' replied Bertha.

'There'll be trouble if he does!' warned Cyril.

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Gina said...

haha...there would be trouble here too! :D XXX