Tuesday, 16 October 2012


'It's been muddier in the past!' bleated Lefty.

'It has! It has!' replied Flossie.

'Everyone seemed to enjoy it though.'

'Indeed!' agreed Flossie. 'Thought we could have spread out a little more though.'

'The lads like to stick together.' replied Lefty.

'Your mum did herself proud!'

'She's always keen aren't you mum? Mum? MUM?

'Has she got the old trouble?'

'No, it's been quite good recently. Mum!.....MUM! You know I think she may have got a little mud in her ear. MUM!'

'No, no I don't think she's hearing you.'


Maybe take her down to the harbour, give her a quick dip.'

'Not sure she'd appreciate that,' replied Lefty, 'she's terribly independant. MUM!'

Hooky tapped several times.

'Oh, I don't think we'd all want to go,' replied Flossie.

'Wouldn't take half an hour,' suggested Lefty, 'I think mum might go for it then, wouldn't you mum? MUM!'

'But some of us could stay here,' suggested Flossie.

'Might be nicer though, all going together,' replied Lefty.

And the flock bleated as one.

'.....................................OK!' replied Flossie.

And so the flock trundled down towards the harbour.

'And afterwards,' added Lefty, 'we must get on with trying to sell the 'you know what'.'

'Oh yes!' replied Flossie. 'I keep forgetting about that!'