Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Painting big things

'No!' pleaded Norma. 'Do try to focus. Remember we've spoken about this before. The real world doesn't have any armchair trees.'

'My real world does!' mooed Annie.

'Possibly!' conceded Norma. 'But we're talking about the real real world.'

'Are you sure?' asked Annie.

'Positve!' replied Norma. 'Nor does it have any tartan patterned clouds or upside down hills.'

Annie put her brush down and herded very close to Norma.

'It sounds very boring this real real world of yours.'

'Perhaps it is?' said Norma. 'But that's how most people see it.'

'I much prefer my version.' replied Annie.

'And you can,' said Norma, 'it's just that we need these paintings to look like the real real world or they won't work.'

'Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm?' mused Annie.

'Please?' asked Norma.

'As you like!' said Annie and she went back and picked up her brush. 'Is Bertha coming to help?'

'She might,' replied Norma, 'but she's just going to check and see if we need to do any giraffe sized ones as well as the Mr Norman sized.'

'Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm?' said Annie again. 'What size are giraffes?'

'Well,' replied Norma, 'they're sort of...well...I suppose...well they're...a bit like Queen Phoebe with her hair up?'

'Oh right!' mooed Annie.

'But don't do any just yet until I tell you.'

'No probs!' replied Annie.

'Right,' said Norma, 'must dash, keep going and remember...focus!

So Norma dashed and Annie focused...and then added a couple of armchairs trees just for the fun of it!


Armenoi said...

Like safety conscious sheep with wooden bits all over the place and with nose and eye patches are going to feel lanscapely challenged by plaid hills!

Gina said...

I wants armchair trees in my real world too!!!! :D XXX