Wednesday, 24 October 2012


'And so I told him, there is more to an elephant than just a trunk you know! And then I picked him up and shook him.'

'With your trunk?' asked Norma.

'Erm? Didn't do myself any favours at that point.' replied Norman.

'Anyhow,' continued Norma. 'What news?'

'There are rumblings,' replied Norman.

'Sorry about that,' said Annie, 'I knew seventeen breakfasts wouldn't be enough.'

'No!' replied Norman. 'I mean rumblings of information.'

'Tell all!' mooed Norma.

'A pirate flock stopped for jogging slightly too quickly with a pointy sword. The self same flock warned about not wearing high vis jackets while walking rather fast towards the harbour. And finally the same flock again stopped and fined for not wearing enough eye patches! I not sure how the last one relates to anything to be honest but never discard a piece of information, that's what I say!'

'Sounds like something is happening then!' replied Norma.

'That's my guess,' said Norman. 'But we need to find out what.'

'And in your experience as a super undercover'd suggest?'

'Well having another breakfast sounds interesting,' replied Norman. 

'I could make us all an extra fourteen?' suggested Annie.

'I nice idea,' replied Norma, 'but in terms of finding Flossie?'

'We need to spread out,' replied Norman. 'Our eyes and ears need to be everywhere. In my case my ears cover a lot of ground anyway but we have to find them. Only then can we form a plan of action!'

'Right!' said Norma. 'You supply the ears and we'll supply the eyes!'

'And breakfasts!' mooed Annie.

'Indeed!' replied Norma.

And so they went into action...after a few more breakfasts...and several light lunches...and a few buns.


Armenoi said...

At this rate, if they all stood on one end of the island everything on it would slide towards them, including the pirate sheep AND Maj's crown! Go the extra calories is what I say!!!

Gina said...

Breakfast sounds good to me too! :D XXX