Thursday, 4 October 2012

Shopping at the pirate jamboree

'You as well!' said Norma. 'At least I'm carrying a sword!'

'Onebody even suggested my horns might be too pointy!' replied Bertha.

'I'm certainly changing my mind about what it's like to be a pirate,' added Norma. 'Anyhow, you were saying?'

'Yes!'said Bertha, 'In the end he got went back and got one with a toasting fork attachment.'

'But he doesn't need one!' replied Norma.

'I know!' mooed Bertha. 'But he wouldn't listen and he took out the extended warranty!'

'That's where they get you every time!' replied Norma.

'Still I've managed to pick up one or two things myself,' continued Bertha. 'A book on pirate librarians and there's a stall doing knitting patterns.'

'We saw that,' replied Norma, 'I hoping to get back there later, which ones did you get?'

'Erm?' said Bertha. 'There's a hat in the shape of a galleon and a collection of winter hoof mittens with a scull and crossbones design on them, they're for sheep but I think I can adapt them.'

'We saw somebody else doing bags,' added Norma. 'We spent quite a bit of time there to be honest.'

'I do admire there sheer amount of craft based activity,' replied Bertha. 'I suppose they have to make a lot of things for themselves.'

'I think you're probably right,' agreed Norma. 'So any news on the 'you know what'?'

'She means the crown,' mooed Annie.

'She knows that!' replied Norma.

'No, nothing,' said Bertha, 'and I'm running out of ideas as to where to start.'

'Me as well,' replied Norma. 'If we're to get anywhere we're going to need a monumental slice of incredible good luck...but what are the chances of that happening?'

And Bertha was just about to reply when a voice trumpeted out from several tents away.

'I feel I should just point out,' it said, 'that there is more to a pirate elephant....'

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Gina said...

Pirate Elephant!!!!! Awesome :D XXX