Saturday, 27 October 2012

The eyes have it!

'As you well know you could have told me there was nothing in it!' said Captain Bill.

'I thought you would have worked it out by the weight?' replied Bertha. 'It was obviously empty.'

'Yes...only it wasn't completely empty was it!' continued Captain Bill. 'There was a note inside saying, "Dear Cyril, Captain Bill has eaten all the cake".'

'I've simply no idea how it got there,' replied Bertha.

'He can't half move if he wants to,' said Captain Bill.

'Shh!' said Norma. 'Look over there!'

'Where?' asked Captain Bill and Bertha.

'Over there!' repeated Norma and she pointed with her tail. 'That's them!'

'Are you sure?' asked Bertha.

'Positive!' replied Norma.

'Why...why is that little bush moving along with them?' asked Captain Bill.

'That's Geraldine!' mooed Norma. 'See, she's just given us a wave.'

'So she has!' exclaimed Captain Bill.

'She's very brave getting that close,' observed Bertha.

'According to Annie penguins have no word for fear...or beetroot.'

'I don't suppose they encounter it very often,' said Captain Bill.

Fear or beetroot?' asked Norma.

'Either I suspect,' replied Bertha..

'So what now?' asked Captain Bill.

'Geraldine will stick with them,' replied Norma, 'while the rest of us get on with the plan.'

'There's a plan?' 

'There is!' replied Norma. 'Operation Paint Big Things starts now!'

And so it did!


Gina said...

OOOW!!! I like painting big things...can I help? :D XXX

Steve Allender said...

I think you'll have to ask Annie about that!