Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Tracking down your pirate sheep

'And so,' continued Norma, 'thanks to information received from Norman, ace spy and all around good egg...'

'He's not an egg!' called out Annie. 'He is an elephant!'

'I stand corrected,' replied Norma. 'All around good elephant. We now have it confirmed that Flossie and his terrible pirate flock are definitely on the island.'

'Just how did he find out?' asked Bertha.

'Detailed investigative work,' replied Norma, 'and apparently down in the harbour there was a large sign saying 'reserved for Flossie and his terrible pirate flock'.'

'I said we should have arrived via the harbour,' exclaimed Captain Bill, 'but did anybody listen!'

'Well?' asked Captain Bill.

'Sorry?' said Norma and Bertha.

'I said,' began Captain Bill, '..............Oh! Let's move on.'

'The problem as I see it,' said Bertha, 'is how do we get to make contact with them? There are so many pirate sheep here and the event is so large we could easily miss them.'

'I think you're right,' replied Norma. 'Somehow we need to find a way bring them towards us.'

'Unless of course we'd arrived via the harbour to begin with,' said Captain Bill.

'What we need,' continued Norma, 'is someone who understand the criminal mind, someone who can think like them and who can guess at what they might be planning.'

'Has anyone actually seen him since we arrived?' asked Bertha.

'No!' said Norma.

'No!' said Captain Bill.

'He's over there!' mooed Annie.

And she pointed past Norma and Bertha and Captain Bill, but they couldn't see her because she was standing inside a tent. So she came out and pointed for a 2nd time...and then when back inside the tent...because she was very happy there.

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Gina said...

Is that one of Flossies crew spying on them from a distance???? :D XXX