Friday, 26 October 2012

Is it worth being a pirate?

'We could!' bleated Flossie.

'Shouldn't really though,' replied Lefty.

'Nobodies looking!' added Flossie. 'And we need to get on.'

'It's your call,' replied Lefty.

So Flossie gave the signal and the flock picked up the pace.

'It's not really running anyway,' continued Flossie. 'More of a slight jog.'

'Still covered in the rules though,' replied Lefty.

Flossie slowed to a halt.

'You know,' he began, 'I'm tempted to get out of the whole pirate game.'

'Never!' said Lefty.

'Well, it's just no fun anymore,' replied Flossie. 'It used to be. It's all got just...too regulated.'

'But, but what you do?' asked Lefty.

'I dunno,' replied Flossie, 'maybe just get my head stuck through a fence for a while, give myself time to think things through.'

'You'd miss it though,' said Lefty. 'The camaraderie, the sailing, the filling in forms in triplicate to confirm that the staff assessment process has been correctly adhered to.'

'Hmm, perhaps?' replied Flossie.

'Anyway, that's in the future, right now we need to get the 'you know what' sold.'

'True!' replied Flossie. 'We checked out all the dealers. It's back to the ship again to pick up the merchandise and then it's on with the show.'

'That's more like it!' said Lefty.

And the flock slightly jogged on...when there was nobody looking...but they slowed down again when there was...but then slightly jogged again when nobody was...and then....


Armenoi said...

Hmm. I sympathise with Flossie. Long gone are the days of hanging mutinous employees from the yard arms (sigh).
Whilst we are on the subject - has the appropriate paperwork been filled in for Flossie's wooden ear and tail? Not to mention his one, two, three, no... is it four wooden legs???
Fully up to date with fire retardant is he?

Gina said...

Aaaaw poor Flossie...but isn't the whole point of being a pirate breaking the rules?? If I had to fill all those forms in, I'd probably be found with my head stuck in a fence too :D XXX