Monday, 1 October 2012

What to do next?

'They'll undoubtedly have formed a plan for disposing of Queen Phoebe's crown,' said Bertha, 'and if Norma and my expectations are correct it'll be a plan of such detailed complexity that we'll have little chance of penetrating through its many fiendish layers.'

'But even so,' added Norma, 'we feel we still have to try.'

'Well there's nothing like talking us up!' replied Captain Bill.

'It's trying to understand the criminal mind that will be crucial,' added Bertha.

'And we still don't know where Cyril's gone to?' asked Captain Bill.

'For such a large bovine he's surprisingly adept at hiding in the shadows,' replied Norma. 'I think our best approach will be to start without him and to look around and see what we can see.'

'We'll have to go across the site with a fine tooth comb,' observed Bertha.

Annie raised a hoof.

'Not a real one!' mooed Captain Bill.

Annie put her hoof down again.

'If she mentions wonky horns!' muttered Captain Bill.

But Annie didn't.

'I think,' continued Norma, 'in the great tradition of criminal investigation it would be best if we split into pairs.

Bertha looked at Captain Bill.

'I just knew it!' he said.

And so Bertha and Captain Bill set off in one direction and Norma and Annie in the other.


Armenoi said...

While the Sheepy Pirates went down the middle no doubt!

Gina said...

Can't see this going is annie going to thunk straight with all the distractions of a Jamboree??? :D XXX