Wednesday, 3 October 2012

When it isn't what you expected

'No for once we're in agreement,' said Captain Bill.

'Really?' replied Bertha.

'I thought it would be all sword fights and ya ha ha me hearties, splice the main thingamy and where's me bottle of rum!'

'There's almost no sense of hostility,' replied Bertha.

'I suppose you could count the junior pirate pillow fight contest as hostile,' continued Captain Bill, 'but who's ever heard of a safety pillow!'

'And I got told off for running!' continued Bertha.

'Strange that?' said Captain Bill. 'You haven't even got a pointy sword!.....Do you think I should buy a hook?'


'I don't know,' replied Captain Bill. 'I just get this feeling that I aught to.'

'You don't need one.' added Bertha.

'Hmm,' said Captain Bill, 'I suppose I could nail it up in my cabin and hang my knitted compass on it when I wasn't using it.'

Bertha looked at the hooks.

'Get the small one at the back,' she suggested, 'it'll go better with the french dresser.'

'I could ask him if he's got any with crowns on them?'

'That strikes me as a bit too obvious,' replied Bertha.

'How much?' asked Captain Bill to the man behind the stall and the man in return just pointed at a price list.

'Well at least the pricing's aggressive!' said Bertha.

'No thanks,' said Captain Bill to the man behind the stall.

And they both walked on...but slowly mind.

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Gina said... and safety strikes again :D XXX