Tuesday, 27 November 2012

A hole and a Queen

'You're quite sure?' asked Annie. 'Only you were running very fast!'

'Just the two!' replied Queen Phoebe.

'Perhaps if they're invisible even you don't know you've got them?'

'One is fairly confident.'

'Maybe after all this is over we could double check?'

'Is there someone up there more sensible that I could speak to?' said Queen Phoebe.

'Mr Norman's here,' replied Annie.

'Norman!' said Queen Phoebe. 

'Hello!' said Norman.

'You know what you've got to do?'

'I do!' replied Norman.

'And you'll be careful?' asked Queen Phoebe.

'I'll try my best!' replied Norman.

'And you won't forget?'

'I'm an elephant!' replied Norman and he waved his trunk about.

'So you are!' said Queen Phoebe.

And Annie was just about to ask a supplementary question about invisible legs...when Norma arrived.

'She says she's only got two!' said Annie.

'Later!' replied Norma. 'They're heading this way. Queen Phoebe you're on! Everyone else stay quiet?'

'I'm not sure I can!' trumpeted Norman.

But he did his best.