Thursday, 29 November 2012

A Queen newly rescued

'I never want to be rescued from the dastardly hooves of ruthless pirate sheep by being pulled through an 'ole in the ceiling by the trunk of an elephant ever again!' sighed Queen Phoebe.

'Are you traumamaurmeratasised?' asked Annie.

'I think I am!' replied Queen Phoebe.

'Would a bun help? I made them for Mr Norman but I'm sure he wouldn't mind sharing.'

'Erm?' said Queen Phoebe and Norman.

'Or perhaps my chum Horace could read you some soothing poetry?'

'Is it really necessary?' asked Queen Phoebe.

'I doubt it!' replied Annie. '..........but he's not had a lot of lines recently.'

'I'll manage without,' replied Queen Phoebe.

'Also,' continued Annie, 'I'm to tell you that the ruthless pirate fluffies....'

'Sheep!' said Queen Phoebe.

'Possibly those as well!' replied Annie. 'That they are all now safely contained in what was until recently Captain Eyepatch's cabin.'

'Wonderful!' said Queen Phoebe. 'Apart from the fact that the cabin in which they're contained still has a bloomin' great hole in the ceiling through which they'll almost certainly try to escape!'

'Thought of that!' mooed Annie.

'And?' asked Queen Phoebe.

'I'm going to sit on it!' trumpeted Norman.

'Genius!' said Queen Phoebe. 'I suppose after all there really is more to an elephant than just a trunk!'

And so there was!

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Gina said...

Actually...didn't see that coming :D *passes nice cup of tea to Her Queeniness* :D XXX