Thursday, 1 November 2012

Big paintings complete!

'And I finally managed to get her to take out the armchair trees,' sighed Norma.

'Hmm,' said Captain Bill, 'I have to say for her they're very restrained.'

'They're perfect for what we want,' replied Norma.

'And this one would be?'

'Giraffe sized,' replied Norma.

'So he's in!' said Captain Bill.

'All down to Cyril,' replied Norma.

'Should I ask how?' said Captain Bill.

'Best not to,' replied Norma. '............You know wood flooring's all the rage.'

'Sorry?' said Captain Bill.

'Never mind!' replied Norma.

'Erm,' continued Captain Bill, 'if you don't mind me saying, slightly worried about the hedgehogs seeing all this.'

'Oh, don't worry,' replied Norma. 'They're helping us as well.'

'Really!' mooed Captain Bill. 'I can't help feeling that could be opening a giant can of worms?'

'Actually I've already done that,' replied Norma. 'That's why they're helping us...and they want to buy the paintings when we're finished with them.'

'So what's left to be done?' asked Captain Bill.

'I just need to fit the harnesses,' replied Norma. 'You could help if you want to?'

'Does it involve going up ladders?' 

'I'll do that bit if you like?' offered Norma.

'Thanks!' replied Captain Bill. 


Armenoi said...

A drawing of a canvas by The Great Pencil in the Sky of a drawing as a painting? - I feel the need for a large cake or three.

Gina said...

I am suitably impressed by Annie's artistic skills....though I still think an armchair tree here an there would have been fine :D XXX