Saturday, 3 November 2012

Map reading made difficult

'And...and you're sure you've got it the right way up?' asked Flossie.

'Yer, yer!' replied Lefty. 

'So what should we be looking at?'

'Well this should have taken us straight through to 'Crowns, Crowns, Crowns' the premier dealer for all your stolen crown needs.' replied Lefty.

'You were reading that weren't you?' asked Flossie.

'They've got little adverts on the map,' replied Lefty.

'Well it's not there!' said Flossie.

Hooky tapped several times.

'I've got it the right way up!' bleated Lefty.

'He has!' agreed Flossie. 'And you're sure it should be here?'

'Between Jolly Jack's and Sinkem And Scarper, the pirate ship insurance firm you can trust.'

And Lefty held up the map for Flossie to see.

'What's that you've written there in the corner?' 

'It's just a note to remind me to get a birthday card for mum,' replied Lefty. 'I didn't want to forget.'

'Make sure you get one signed by all the crew as well,' added Flossie.

'She'll appreciate that!' replied Lefty.

'Pleasure!' said Flossie. 'Now, what to do?'

'We could go on to Crowns and Curtains?'

'The premier dealer for all your stolen crown and curtain needs?' suggested Flossie.

'That's right!' replied Lefty.

'Fine then!' said Flossie.

So that's what they did!

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Gina said...

Nice work Norman! :D XXX